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Online advertising is a powerful medium providing targeted marketing to business and community around the world.

This website is the one stop site when it comes to anything Winton, and Central Southland, making it a great place for local business to advertise and promote what you have to offer.

We want to encourage people in our community to buy locally and support your business, so encourage you take this opportunity to advertise on this site, promoting your business and supporting your community at the same time.

Advertising Options

Advertising is limited and will be sold on a first come first served basis.

Left Side of Page Advertising
Front Page (first page you open) – SOLD
220 pixels x 200 – 300 pixels – $100 each per year.
2 adverts for sale, these will rotate with each ad displaying 50% of of the hits, adverts to link to either a business listing or website.

Adverts can be changed up to 3 times per year.

Level 2 Pages
(About, Business (search and submit), Community (search and submit), Visitors, News, Events, Local Legend, History, Gallery, Contact Us)
220 pixels x 200 – 300 pixel – $100 per year
One permanent advert per page.  Adverts can be changed up to 3 times per year.

 Level 3 Pages
Any page not listed above
220 pixels x 200 – 300 pixel – $75 per year
One permanent advert per page.  Adverts can be changed up to 3 times per year.

Banner Adverts
Up to 15 banner adverts will rotate at the bottom of each page, these will be 644 x 100 px and cost $120 per year.
(2 sold – 13 left)

Business Lisitng
Business listings in the Business Directory are now free, these will be fully editable by the business and be able to be undated at any time.

Advertising will be invoiced by email on acceptance with payment due 20th of the month. You may change your advert up to 3 times during the year for no additional cost, after that it cost $25 per change. All advertising will be re offered to existing advertisers each year before it becomes being resold.

For the purpose of this site, the year will run from 1 Sept to 30 August.  Advertising taken out prior to 1 Sept will not come up for renewal until 1 Sept 2013.

Artwork should be in jpeg or gif format. Prices based on artwork supplied, Webbuilders (site creators) are happy to help set up your adverts at a cost of $50 per hour, or part therefore if required.  Simple resizing and quick graphic work will not be charged out.

Contact Us if you would like to advertise on the site.

Advertising on this site will help cover the costs of the website development, hosting, SEO, and upkeep of the site, helping promote the Winton Community.

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