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Did you realize that the Winton Community Board meetings are open to the public?  And you can read the minutes from recent minutes on the website?  Click here for the latest info from the Community Board. 

Currently central government is looking at a proposed amendment to the Local Government Act of 2002.  Southland District Council, and the Winton Community Board have some concerns about this bill, and believe that if passed it would take away “local decision making away from the local community ” which would be a backward step as the local decision making concerning the development of playgrounds, hall, recreation facilities, social and cultural, medical services etc, would be taken out of the local community’s hand.” 

Read more about this, and the council’s submission here.

There is a lot of work to keep a community like Winton running as well as it does.  Many of us are not aware of the decisions being made that effect our everyday lives.  Your Community Board is wanting to be open and communicate what they are doing to make Winton a great place to live, please take the time to read what they are doing, and contact them should you have any concerns, issues and ideas. 

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