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About Winton

The population is approximately 2,200 and the town services a total population of 6000.

Winton is one of the few Southland towns whose population has continued to increase in recent years due partially to the drier, warmer and calmer climate compared to the coastal areas.

Our climate is cool to moderate with rainfall of approximately 1,000mm.

Established in 1861, the town was named after Thomas Winton. Great North Road was cut from the bush in 1863, elevating Winton into more than just “a hole in the bush,” with Winton becoming an important stop enroute to the gold fields.

The fine agricultural and pastoral possibilities of the countryside around Winton were recognised at an early age and so it became that Winton is probably the oldest inland town in Southland.

Winton is a commercial centre, serving a diverse farming industry of Central Southland, that spans 1.5 million hectares of excellent farmland. Since 2000, land use has become more diversified, swinging from sheep to dairy farming.

Farm produce of wool, lamb, beef, venison and milk are all processed in Southland and exported. Saw milling is the town’s biggest industry with both native and plantation forests being processed for national and export trade.

Winton supports all services, including a modern medical and birthing centre, ambulance, police, and fire services. The town has two primary schools, a secondary school and preschool options. Recreation is an important part of life in Winton with a variety of sporting, social, creative and cultural pursuits available for all ages.

The District Council Office and Library hold information on current events, and are well-maintained sources of local history.

We are a friendly community, that takes pride in our property, with our town full of neatly set out residential housing and attractive gardens. Picturesque historical buildings and gardens adorn Great North Road and our parks are admired by visitors and provide a tranquil and relaxed atmosphere.

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