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Winton Resurfacing - 14th Mar 2023

Winton Resurfacing

Work begins on SH6 Great North Road in Winton this week.  On Wednesday and Thursday this week, the team will begin milling and paving in the northbound lanes at the Bute St end of the site.  Weather forecasts show heavy rain from Friday 17th, so they are unlikely to be back onsite until Monday 20th.  We anticipate that the milling and paving of the northbound lanes as far as Albert St may be complete by Friday of the following week (24th March). 

All going well, in the week beginning 27th March, work will begin on the southbound lanes.  When work is underway in the southbound lanes, businesses on the east side of Great North Road will need to ensure deliveries to their business come via Springford St.   As the entrance to SH96/Winton-Hedgehope highway may be closed for portions of this work, delivery drivers will need to access Springford St via Deans Road/Florence Road/ Winton-Hedgehope highway.


Traffic management during this first phase will have southbound traffic unaffected, northbound and HPMV traffic detoured – see attached image.  Parking will remain where possible and pedestrian access maintained.  We have worked hard to make sure traffic management is appropriate, although slight changes to improve traffic flow or road user safety may be required once the work is underway.  We will keep you updated if this is required.  All dates are approximate and subject to weather and site conditions.

To give you an idea of the scale of this project, the area covered is equivalent to about 2 ½ rugby fields or roughly 4.6 acres.  The crew will be milling to a depth of 270mm, and laying about 8000T of asphalt.  We anticipate there will be approximately 720 truckloads of both milling leaving and asphalt coming into site.  In total, the site is over 1.6km long.  This is a significant project and we know this will inconvenience your businesses and the community. We appreciate your patience in advance. 

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